Unohdettu valtakunta: Mormonien teokratia Amerikan Lännessä 1847 — 1896

Forgotten Kingdom : The Mormon Theocracy in the American West 1847 — 1896. David L. Bigler
Utah State University Press Logan, Utah 1998 ISBN 0-87421-245-6

Forgotten KingdomKirja kertoo mormonikirkon johtajien pyrkimyksistä perustaa Utahissa riippumaton, teokraattinen Jumalan valtakunta, näistä pyrkimyksistä johtuneesta kamppailusta kansallisen, republikaanisen ideologian, mormonien vastustajien sekä Utahissa että sen ulkopuolella, ja liittovaltion hallituksen kanssa.

Teos kattaa Utahin territoriaalisen kauden ja selostaa yrityksiä saavuttaa osavaltion asema siten, että lainsäädäntö jatkuvasti pysyttäisi kirkon poliittisen kontrollin;

the shadow legislature of the state of Deseret, which met regularly to approve territorial legislation; and the Council of Fifty and the School of the Prophets.

Mormon leaders, from Brigham Young down, held government as well as church offices, and theocracy became a key issue with polygamy innational opposition to Mormonism.

Religious divisions in the combustible society of Utah led to crimes, violence, conflicts over civil rights, and complicated relations with Native Americans.

Conflict brought the Utah War and the Mountain Meadows massacre; a federal troop presence in Utah; Mormon experiments with communitarian self-sufficiency; and federal legislation attacking polygamy and eventually the church itself.


Preface - Introduction

  1. A BROAD OPEN VALLEY The Pioneer Company - Where Did They Come From? - What Was Their Destination? - Not The First to Come - What Was Their Purpose? - Ensign to the Nations - Chief Stake of Zion - Gentiles, Indians, and Vengeance
  2. FOUNDING THE KINGDOM State of Deseret - Utah Territory - Election Law - Perpetual Immigration - Land Ownership - The Deseret Alphabet - Early Confrontations - Polygamy
  3. EARLY INDIAN WARS The Remnant of Jacob - The Utahs - First Fights - Provo River Fight - The Walker War - Raid on Fort Bridger - Gunnison Massacre - Indian Grievances Continue
  4. THE KINGDOM SOVEREIGN Death of Walker - The Gunnison Trial - The Indian Missions - Elk Mountain Mission - Salmon River Mission - Hurt's Indian Farms - 1856 Statehood Convention
  5. THE HANDCART DISASTER New Emigration Plan - First Companies Roll - Arrival in VAlley - The Welsh Company - The Last Companies - One Speaks Out - The Willie Company - The Martin Company - The Rescue - The Martin Company Rescue
  6. THE GREAT REFORMATION Blood Atonement - Catechism - Parrish-Potter Murders -Flight of the Federal Officials - Young Looks North
  7. UTAH IN REBELLION Journey to Fort Limhi - Van Vliet's Mission - Escape of Garland Hurt - Military Operations - Fort Limhi Strengthened - Lot Smith's Raid - Johnston Takes Command
  8. AN AWFUL TALE OF BLOOD Baker-Fancher Train Goes South - The Massacre - How Many Killed? - How Many Survived? - How Many Whites Took Part? - Recriminations and Cover-Up
  9. PEACE BUT NO PEACE Standing Army of Israel - Intercession of Thomas Kane - Attack on Fort Limhi - The Move South - The One-Eyed Judge - Creation of Nevada Territory - Overland Stage, Pony Express - Last Days of Camp Floyd
  10. THE GHOST GOVERNMENT OF DESERET Establishment of Deseret - Salt Lake Theatre Opening - Lot Smith Rides Again - The Morrisite Affair - The Aftermath - The Morrill Act - The "Ghost" of Deseret
  11. THE CALIFORNIA VOLUNTEERS Crossing the Jordan - Battle of Bear River - The Bloodiest Day - Rumors and Alarms - Battle of Spanish Fork - The Black Hawk War
  12. OF MINES, MURDER, AND LAND Murder of Dr. Robinson - The Aftermath
  13. THE NEW SOCIAL ORDER School of the Prophets - War against Merchants - Zion's Co-operative Mercantile Instituion - United order of Enoch - "The New Movement" - Utah's "Queen City": Corinne - Steamboats vs. Steam Engines - The Mission Schools - Birth of Political Parties
  14. THE IMPENDING CONFLICT - Demise of the Nauvoo Legion - Judge James McKean - The Englebrecht Case - 1872 Bid for Statehood - Englebrecht Decision - 1872 Election Contest - President Grant Acts
  15. A TIME OF TRIALS 1874 Election "Riot" - Trial of Geroge Reynolds - The Reynolds Decision - Death of Brigham Young - A New Leader - Trial of Sylvanus Collett - New Election Law - George Q. Cannon Denied Seat
  16. MARSHALS AND COHABS 1882 Statehood Bid - The Utah Commission - Judge Zane and the -Trial of Rudger Clawson - Return to Mexico - Taylor's Last Sermon - The Half-Mast Incident - The Underground - Arrest of George Q. Cannon - John Taylor's Revelation - The Killing of Ed Dalton - Edmunds-Tucker Law - 1887 Statehood Convention - Death of John Taylor
  17. AMERICANIZATION OF THE KINGDOM Day of the Lamanite - The Ghost Dance - The Wilderness Revelation - Council of Fifty Renewed - Church Property Escheated - Right to Vote Curtailed - First Election Defeats - The Year of Change Woodruff's "Manifesto" - Last Fight of the Sioux - Free Education - People's Party Disbanded - Baskin Elected Mayor - Road to Statehood - Charter Bans Polygamy - A New Day

Epilogue - Bibliography - Index


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