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APPENDIX 2 from Mysteries of Godliness

Published Descriptions of the Temple Ceremony

David J. Buerger (with the assistance of Art de Hoyos)

The following titles are listed chronologically, the author appearing first, then title, then publisher. Reprints and/or revisions by same author are listed after the first title. Pertinent commentaries on the first title are listed under same number; some of these comments are taken from Chad Flake, comp., A Mormon Bibliography (Salt Lake City: University of Utah Press, 1978). Reprints of first title by other authors are listed under separate, chronologically sequenced numbers, with bibliographic reference to original source. Bracketed trailer numbers refer to Flake's identifying number in A Mormon Bibliography. Most titles contain only a partial depiction of the endowment ceremony. Photocopies of most titles are in the David J. Buerger Papers, Ms. 622, Manuscripts Division, Special Collections, Marriott Library, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah.

  1. Bennett, John C. The history of the Latter-day Saints; or, an exposé of Joe Smith and Mormonism. (Boston: Leland & Whiting, 1842), pp. 217-25 and 272-78. [403]
  2. "Ceremony of the endowment," Warsaw Signal (18 Feb. 1846), il, no. 48, p. 2; and "Morrnon endowments," Warsaw Signal (15 Apr. 1846), iii, no. 3, p. 2.
    __. (same) in Tanner, Evolution of the Mormon temple ceremony: 1942-1990. (Salt Lake City: Utah Lighthouse Ministry, 1990), pp. 3-4.
  3. Van Dusen (sometimes spelled "Van Deusen"), Increase McGee and Maria. The Mormon endowment; a secret drama, or conspiracy, in the Nauvoo-temple, in 1846; in which process Mr. & Mrs. McGee, (the authors of this work,) were made king and queen, to which is added a sketch of the life of Joseph Smith, the circumstances of his finding the Mormon bible; his last revelation in the appointment of his successor; the angel's appearance to him; his finding another bible; his revelation concerning Polk and the Mexican war; baptism for the dead—Mormon faith—spiritual-wife-doctrine; description of Nauvoo and the temple, &c., &c. (Syracuse, NY: N.M.D. Lathrop, printer, 1847). [94221
    __. (same) in Tanner, Evolution of the Mormon temple ceremony: 1942-1990. (Sait Lake City: Utah Lighthouse ministry, 1990), Pp. 3-4.
    __. Positively true. A dialogue between Adam and Eve, the Lord and the devil, called the endowment: As was acted by twelve or fifteen thousand, in secret, in the Nauvoo Temple, said to be revealed from God, as a reward for building that splendid edifice, and the express object for which it was built. (Albany, NY: C. Kiilmer, 1847). [9423]
    __. (same, under title) The sublime and ridiculous blended; called, the endowment: as was acted, by upwards of twelve thousand, in secret, in the Nauvoo Temple, said to be revealed from God as a reward for building that splendid edifice, and the express object for which it was built. (New York: Published by the author, 1848 [c. 1847]. [New introduction and text somewhat revised and sensationalized. Omission of Strangite material.] [9424]
    __. (same, under title) Startling disclosures of the great Mormon conspiracy against the liberties of this country being the celebrated "endowment, " as it was acted by upwards of twelve thousand men and women in secret, in the Nauvoo lemple, in 1846, and said to have been revealed from God. By I. M'Gee Van Dusen and Maria his wife, who were initiated into these dreadful mysteries. (New York: Published by Mr. and Mrs. Van Dusen, 1849). [Also published in 1849 in John Thomas's A sketch of the rise, progress and dispersion of the Mormons.] [9425]
    __. (same) (New York: Published by Mr. and Mrs. Van Dusen, 1849). [Added illustrations and a different arrangement of some of the pages, Lacks pagination of prior edition.] [9426]
    (same) (New York: Blake & Jackson, 1849). [9427]
    (same) (New York: Blake & Jackson, 1849). [9428]
    (same) (New York: Blake & Jackson, 1850). [9429]
    Startling disclosures of the wonderful ceremonies of the Mormon spiritual wife system. Being the celebrated "endowment," as it was acted by upwards of twelve thousand men and women in secret in the Nauvoo Temple in 1846, and said to have been revealed from God, By I. M'Gee Van Dusen and Maria his wife, who initiated into these dreadful mysteries. (New York: n.p., 1850). [9430]
    __. (same) (New York: Blake &Jackson, 1852). [Reprint of 1850 ed.] [9431]
    __. (same) (New York: n.p., 1852). [Variant printing.] [9432]
    (same) (New York: n.p., 1855). [9433]
    (same) (New York: n.p., 1857). [9429]
    (same, under title) Mormonism exposed ... New York, For sale at all book and periodical stores [1853?] [Copyrighted by the Van Dusens, 1848; "Preface to the sixth edition."] [9434]
    __. (same, under title) Spiritual delusions being a key to the mysteries of Mormonism, exposing the particulars of that astounding heresy, the spiritual wife system, as practiced by Brigham Young of Utah, By Increase Van Deusen and Maria his wife, seceders from that singular sect who were personally initiated into those dreadful mysteries. (New York: Moulton and Tuttle, 1854). [Frequently reprinted under this title and with a slightly varying title, which is, enlarged from the previous copy; has a second recital of the ceremony and an allegorical description of its various degrees and ceremonies. Some copies have the fold-out sheet of plates.] [9435]
    __.(same) (New York: Published by the authors, 1854). [Variant printing.] [9436]
    __. (same) (New York: A. Ranney; ... Chicago: Rufus Blanchard [etc., etc.] 1855). [9437]
    __. (same) (New York: A. Ranney, 1856). [9438]
    __. (same) (New York: A. Ranney, 1857). [9439]
    __. (same) (New York: A. Ranney, 1859). [9440]
    __. (same, under title) Startling disclosures of the Mormon spiritual wife system, and wonderful ceremonies of the celebrated "endowment" as it is acted by upwards of fifty thousand men and women in secret, in the temple in Utah, and said to have been revealed from god, By I. M'Gee Van Dusen, and Maria, his wife who were initiated and participators in these dreadful mysteries. (New York: n.p., 1864). [9441]
    __. (same) (New York: n.p., 1864). [Variant printing.] [9442]
    __. Misteries [sic] of Mormonism. (New York: I. Van Deusen, [c] 1850). [Plates för their books. Scenes from the endowment ceremony] [9443]
  4. Lewis, Catherine. Narrative of some of the proceedings of the Mormons giving an account of their iniquities, with particulars concerning the training of the Indians by them, description of the mode of endowment, plurality of wives, &c., &c, (Lynn, MA: The author, 1848), pp. 6-24. [4885]
    __. (same) (Lynn, MA: The author, 1853). [4886]
  5. An authentic history of remarkable persons, who have attracted public attention in various parts of the world; including a full exposure of the iniquities of the pretended prophet, Joe Smith, and of the seven degrees of the Mormon temple; also an account of the frauds practiced by Matthias the prophet, and other religious importers. (New York: Wilson and. Co., 1849, pp. 8-17. [233]
  6. Thomas, John. A sketch of the rise, progress, and dispersion of the Mormons, by John Thomas, M.D., President of the S. and E. Medical College of Virginia, United States, America; to which is added an account of the Nauvoo temple mysteries, and other abominations practiced by this impious sect previous to their emigration for California, by Increase McGee Van Dusen, formerly one of the initiated. (London: Arthur Hall and Co., 1849), pp. 11-24. [8907]
  7. Bowes, John. Mormonism exposed, in its swindling and licentious abominations, refuted in its principles, and in the claims of its head, the modern Mohammed Joseph Smith, who is proved to have been a deceiver, and no prophet of God. (London, E. Ward, 1850[?]), pp. 17-22. [763]
  8. White, Thomas. The Mormon mysteries; being an exposition of the ceremonies of "The Endowment" and of the seven degrees of the temple. A new and improved edition By Thomas White. (New York: Edmund K. Knowlton, 1851). [9737]
  9. [Anon.] A Confession of the awful and bloody transactions in the life of Charles Wallace etc. Unrecorded Barclays Fiction at its Best with a Destructive Visit to the Mormon Temple at Nauvoo. We visited Joe Smiths temple, one night, and smashed the windows in with bricks. Great fun it gave us, for we could not bear to see him humbug the easy fools around him out of their wives and property. He had a right we are told, to walk into a married man's bed-chamber, kick out her husband and lay himself down beside the pure and virtuous wife. We were very much tempted to murder him for the sole benefit of mankind. But we heard of two police officers from St. Louis who had also arrived at the Mormon city ... (New Orleans: Barclay, 1851), 1st ed., 8 vols., 32 pp., 4 illustrated.
  10. Hall, William. The abominations of Mormonism exposed. Containing many facts and doctrines concerning that singular people during seven years' membership with them, from 1840 to 1847. (Cincinnati: I. Hart & Co,, 1852), pp. 4562. [3801]
  11. Hepburn, Andrew Balfour. An exposition of the blasphemous doctrines and delusions of the so-called Latter-day Saints, or Mormons, containing an authentic account of the impositions, spiritual wife doctrine, and the other abominable practices of Joseph Smith, the American Mahomet, and his twelve apostle, elders, and followers to the present time. (Sheffield: M. Thomas & Son, 1852), pp. 60-61. [3960]
    __. The doctrines, rites and ceremonies of Latter Day Saints, or Mormons, exposed; showing from their own books, &c, that they are, without exception, the most depraved, immoral, blasphemous, and ridiculous sect that ever polluted this earth. The extracts furnished by Mr. A. B. Hepburn, anti-Mormon lecturer. (London: Partridge and Oakey... and the Anti-Mormon Tract Depot, [c] 1853). [3959]
    __. Mormonism exploded or the religion of the Latter-day Saints. Proved to be a system of imposture, blasphemy, and immorality; with the autobiography and portrait of the author. In two parts. Pt. I By A. B. Hepburn. Anti-Mormon lecturer. Edited by Rev. Charles Short, A.M. (London: Swansea, Simkin, Marshall and Co., 1855). [3961]
  12. Pratt, Orson. The Seer 1 (Feb. 1853), no. 2, pp. 31-32. [Description of the temple wedding ceremony text; a similar description was published in the Millennial Star 15:214.]
  13. The secrets of Mormonism disclosed; an authentic exposure of the immorality and licentious abominations of the apostles, prophets, highpriests, and elders of the Latter-day Saints, and their spiritual wives; founded on their own quoted writings, doctrines, and official records, and the confessions of male and female members of their church; showing their obscene practices in the temple devoted to public worship, and the profligacy of a Mormon harem, composed of married and single females. Also the adulteries and seductions carried on at the celebration of their spiritual marriages, under the mask of having received divine sanction in visions! Including the horrors of the "agapemone," or abode of love. (London: R, Bulman, 1854 [?]). [7608]
  14. Taylder, T. W. P. The Mormon's own book; or, Mormonism tried by its own standards, reason, and scripture. (London: Partridge, Oakey, and Co., 1855), pp. 135-47. [8796]
    __. (same) With an account of its present condition. Also a life of Joseph Smith. New edition. (London: Partridge and Co., 1857). [8797]
  15. Gunnison, John Williams. The Mormons, or Latter day Sainis, in the valley of the Great Salt Lake; a history of their rise and progress, peculiar doctrines, present condition, and prospects, derived from personal observation during a residence among them. (Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott, Grambo & Co., 1852). [3746]
    __. (same) (London: Sampson Low, 1852). [3747]
    __. (same) (Philadelphia: Lippincott, Grambo & Co., 1853) [3748]
    __. (same) (Toronto: T. Maclear, 1853). [3749]
    __. (same, in German) Die Mormonen im Thale des grossen Salzee's nach personlicher Beobachtung geschildert von J. W. Gunnison. Deutsch von M. R. Lindau. (Hamburg und Leipzig: Verlag von Rudolf Kuntze, 1855). [3756]
    __. (same) (Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott & Co., 1855), pp. 58-61. [3750]
    __. (same) (Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott & Co., 1857 [c 1852]. [3751]
    __. (same) (Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott & Co., 1860). [3752]
    __. (same) (Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott & Co., 1862). [3753]
    __. (same) (New York: J. W. Lovell Co., 1884). [3754]
    __. (same) (New York: G. Munro, 1890). [3755]
  16. Hood, Edwin Paxton. The lamps of the temple. Crayon sketches of the men of the modern pulpit (London: John Snow, 1856). [4078]
  17. Cook, William. The Mormons. The dream and the reality; or, leaves from the sketch book of experience of one who left England to join the Mormons in the city of Zion, and awoke to a consciousness of its heinous wickedness and abominations. Edited by a clergyman. (London: Joseph Masters, 1857), pp. 37-42. [2495]
    __. (same, under title) The "Fowlers snare, " as craftily laid to catch unwary souls, now fully unmasked and exposed to view, by one who has broken the snare and escaped. (London: Joseph Masters, 1858). [Identical to 1st ed.] [2496]
  18. Emmons, S. B. The spirit land by S. B. Emmons. (Philadelphia: John E. Potter and Co., 1857; see chap. 8, "Mormon superstition: an account of the first vision and other delusions exposed by the Van Dusens"). [3163]
    __. (same) (Philadelphia: JW. Bradley, 1859), pp. 101- 102. [Van Dusen material deleted frorn this ed.]
  19. Hyde, John. Mormonism: its leaders and designs. By John Hyde, jun. Formerly a Mormon elder, and resident of Salt Lake City. (New York: W.P. Fetridge & Co., 1857), pp. 40-41, 83-114. [4164]
    __. (same) 2d ed. (New York: W. P. Fetridge & Company, 1857). [4165]
  20. Green, Nelson Winch. Fifteen Years among the Mormons; being the narrative of Mrs. Mary Ettie V. Smith, late of Great Salt Lake City; a sister of one of the Mormon highpriests, she having been personally acquainted with most of the Mormon leaders, and long in the confidence of the "Prophet" Brigham Young. (New York: C. Scribner, 1858), pp. 41-53. [3703]
    __. (same) (New York: H. Dayton, 1858). [3704]
    __. (same) (New York: Dayton; Indianapolis, IN: Asher & Company, 1859). [Variant printing.] [3705]
    __. (same) (New York: H. Dayton, 1860). [c. 1857] [3706]
    __. (same, under title) Fifteen years' residence with the Mormons. With startling disclosures of the mysteries of polygamy. By a sister of one of the high priests. (Chicago: Phoenix Publishing Co., 1876). [3707]
    __. (same, under title) Mormonism; its rise, progress and present condition. Embracing the narrative of Mrs. Ettie V. Smith, of her residence and expellence of fifteen years with the Mormons; containing a full and authentic account of their social condition; their religious and political government... with other startling facts and statements, being a full disclosure of the rites, ceremonies and mysteries of polygamy. &c. (Hartford, CT: Belknap and Bliss, 1870). [3708]
    __. (same) (Hartford, CT: Belknap & Bliss, 1872). [3709]
  21. Remy, Jules. A journey to Great Salt Lake City, by Jules Remy and Julius Brenchley, MA.; with a sketch of the history, religion, and customs of the Mormons and an introduction on the religious movement in the United States. (London: W. Jeffis, 1861); in 2 vols,; see voi. 2, pp, 65-77. [6867]
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    __. (same) 3rd ed. (Cambridge, MA; Riverside Press, 1867). [9507]
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    __. (same) 5th ed., revised and enlarged. (Chicago: J.S. Goodman and Co., 1867), [c 18661. [9509]
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  23. Beadle, John Hanson. Life in Utah; or, the mysteries and crimes of Mormonism. Being an exposé of the secret rites and ceremonies of the Latter-day Saints, with a full and authentic history of polygamy and the Mormon sect from its origin to the present time. (Philadelphia: Nationai Publishing Co., 1878), pp. 486-502. [344]
    __. The history of Mormonism; its rise, progress, present condition and mysteries; being an exposé of the secret rites and ceremonies of the Latter-day Saints; with a full and authentic account of polygamy and the Mormon sect from its origin to the present time. (Toronto, Ont.: A.H. Hovey, 1873). [343]
    __. (same) [Under title, Life in Utah]. (Philadelphia: National Publishing Co., 1870). [345]
    __. (same) (Philadelphia: National Publishing Co., 1870). [346]
    __. (same) (Toronto: James Spencer, 1872). [347]
    __. (same, under title) Life in Utah and on the plains; being an account of the settlement of the Great West, and embracing the history of the rise and progress of Mormonism, and the occupation of Utah by that people ... (Toronto: Dominion Publishing Co., 1876). [349]
    __. (same, under title) Polygamy; or, the mysteries and crimes of Mormonism, being a full and authentic history of polygamy and the Mormon sect from its origin to the present time. With a complete analysis of Mormon society and theocracy, and an exposé of the secret rites and ceremonies of the Latter-day Saints... (Philadelphia: The National Publishing Co., [c] 1882) [Copyright date mutilated on many copies, making it seem to be 1880.] [350]
    __. (same) (Boston: B. B. Russell, [c] 1882). [351]
    __. (same) (Auckland, NZ: A. F, Porter & Sons, [c] 1882). [352]
    __. (same) (Cincinnati: W. E. . Dibble & Co., [c] 1882). [353]
    __. (same) (Philadelphia: National Puhlishing Co., [c] 1904). [354]
    __. (same) (Philadelphia: World Bible House, [c] 1904). [355]
    __. Polygamy; or, the mysteries and crimes of Mormonism (n.p., [c]1904). [356]
    __. (same, in German) Das Leben in Utah; oder, Die Mysterien und Verbrechen des Mormonenthums. Enthaltend eine Enthullung der Geheimenritualien und Ceremonien der Heiligen vom Jungsten Gericht ... Aus dem englischen ubertragen von Carl Theodor Eben. (Philadelphia: National Publications, 1870). [357]
    __. (same, in Russian) Zhizn' Mormonov v Uta; ili Tainstva i prestupleniia Mormonizma; izlozhenie tainikh obriadov i tseremonii sviatikh posldnikh dnei. (Sanktperterburg, Tip. M. Khana, 1872). [358]
  24. Bundy, L. A. Mormonism exposed; a faithful exposé of the secrets and evils of the Mormon country, by one who possessed the sixteenth part of a husband. (New York: Omum & Co., 1872 [?]), pp. 9-11, 55-56. [1006]
  25. Stenhouse, Mrs. T. B. H. [Fanny]. "Tell it all. " The story of a life's
    experience in Mormonism. An autobiography by Mrs. T.B.H.
    Stenhouse of Salt Lake City, for more than twenty years the wife
    of a Mormon missionary and elder. With introductory preface
    by Mrs. Harriet Beecher Stowe.
    (Hartford, CT: A.B. Worthington
    and Co., 1874). [8390]
    __. (same) Full-page illustrations and steelplate portrait of the author. (Cincinnati: Queen City Publishing Co., 1874). [8391]
    __. (same) (Hartford, CT: A.D. Worthington and Co., 1875). [8392]
    __. (same) (Hartford, CT: A.D. Worthington and Co., Cincinnati: Queen City Publishing Co. [etc., etc.1, 1875). [8393]
    __. (same) (Hartford, CT: A.D. Worthington and Co., 1876). [8394]
    __. (same) (Hartford, CT: A.D. Worthington and Co., 1876). [Publisher's sample] [8395]
    __. (same) Including a full account of the Mountain Meadows massacre and of the life, confession, and execution of bishop John D. Lee. (Hartford, CT: A.D. Worthington and Co., 1878). [8396]
    __. (same) (Hartford, CT: A.D. Worthington and Co., 1878). [8396a]
    __. (same) Fully illustrated. (Hartford, CT: A. D. Worthington and Co., 1890), pp. 352-69. [8397]
    __. (same, revised under title) An Englishman in Utah: the story of a lifes experience in Mormonism. An autobiography by Mrs. TB.H. Stenhouse of Salt Lake City for more than twenty-five years the wife of a Mormon missionary and elder. With an introductory preface by Mrs. Harriet Beecher Stowe. Including a full account of the Mountain Meadows massacre and of the life, confession, and execution of Bishop John D. Lee. Fully illustrated. (London: Sampson Low, Marston, Searle and Rivington, 1880), pp. 189-201, 320-21. [8398]
    __. (same) New and cheaper ed. (London: S. Low, Marston, Searle & Rivington, 1882). [8399]
    __. (same, under title) The Tyranny ofMormonism, or An Englishwoman in Utah; an autobiography, by Fanny Stenhouse of Salt Lake City (25 years). With introductory preface by Mrs. Beecher Stowe. Fully illustrated. (London: S. Low, Marston, Searle & Rivington, 1888), pp. 189-201, 320-21. [8400]
    __. (same, in Spanish) Vida de una senora entre los Mormons; producto de la experiencia personal de una de las espousa de un sacerdote Mormon, durante un periode de mas de viente anos. (Mexico: Imprinta de Ignacia Escalante, 1873). [8401]
  26. Young, Ann Eliza [Webb]. Wife no. 19; or, the story of a life in bondage, being a complete exposé of Mormonism, and revealing the sorrows, sacrifices and sufferings of women in polygamy, by Ann Eliza Young, Brigham Youngs apostate wife. (Hartford, CT: Dustin, Gilman & Co., 1875). [10,046]
    __. (same) (Hartford, CT: Dustin, Gilman and Co., 1876 [c 1875]). [10,047]
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    __. (same) (Hartford, CT: Dustin, Gilman and Co., 1877). [10,049]
    __. (same, under title) Life in Mormon bondage; a complete exposé of its false prophets, murderous Danites, despotic rulers and hypnotized deluded subjects, by Ann Eliza Young, 19th wife of Brigham Young. Limited ed. (Philadelphia/Boston: Aldine Press, Inc., [c] 1908), pp. 273-86. [10,050]
  27. The Gates of the Mormon hell opened, exhibiting the licentious abominations and revellings of the highpriest of the Latter-day Saints Rev. Brigham Young and his 90 wives; and the vile scenes enacted by the elders and apostles with their many spiritual concubines in the secret chambers of the harem, or institution of cloistered Saints, privately attached to the temple. ... with a most outrageous scene of disrobing and washing the new spiritual wife in a tub ... (London: Hewitt, Wych Street Strand, n.d.); [3531]
    [A similarly titled pamphiet also was published in London by James Gilbert, n.d.]
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  30. Salt Lake Tribune. The Mormon Endowment House! A graphic
    exposure of the treasonable institution, where polygamous
    marriages are solemnized. By an eye witness.
    (Salt Lake City:
    Tribune Printing & Publishing Co., 1879. [Text dated 24 Sep.
    1879, taken from the Salt Lake Daily Tribune, 28 Sep. 1879, p.
    4, "Lifting the vail.— The endowment house mysteries fully
    exposed."). [7511]
    __. (same, under title) (Salt Lake City: 1879?). [Eight-page tract; signed: Mrs. G. S. R. Attributed to Mrs. Carrie Owen Mills by J. W. Buel, Mysteries and Miseries of Americas Great Cities.] [7512]
    __. (same) (Salt Lake City: 1879?) [four pages] [7513]
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    novel, which mentions the Endowment House rituals and includes as an appendix, a form of the Salt Lake Tribune 1879 exposé.] [6042]
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