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An Outline of the Ordinance of Second Anointings
I. The Ordinance of the Washing of the Feet
  1. The ordinance of washing of the feet, for the man, precedes the second anointing ordinance.
  2. It is normally performed in the Holy of Holies, or a sealing room set apart for such an ordinance.
  3. It is performed by, or under the direction of, the Prophet.
  4. The ordinance was used once, in the days of the Prophet Joseph, to seal individuals up to eternal life, but it is not used for that purpose today.
  5. The ordinance cleanses the brother from the blood and sins of this generation.
  6. This ordinance should not be confused with the last ordinance of the second anointing which is also referred to as the washing of feet.

II. The Ordinance of Second Anointings

Part One: Anointed & Ordained a King/Priest, Queen/Priestess

  1. It is normally administered in the Holy of Holies, but can be, and has been, administered in different locations, in a room dedicated for that purpose.
  2. It is performed by, or under the direction of, the Prophet.
  3. There are normally two witnesses to the event.
  4. The individuals who are being anointed are dressed in their temple robes.
  5. The officiator does not have to dress in his robes.
  6. The husband leads in a prayer circle, and offers the signs, and prays at the altar.
  7. The husband is anointed with oil, on the top of his head, and then hands are laid upon his head, and he is ordained a king and a priest unto the Most High God, to rule and reign in the House of Israel forever. This ordinance gives him the fulness of the priesthood.
  8. The husband is blessed with the following (as the spirit dictates):
    (1) Sealing power to bind & loose, curse & bless.
    (2) Blessings of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob.
    (3) The Holy Spirit of Promise bestowed.
    (4) Blessed to live as long as life is desirable.
    (5) Blessed to attain unto the Godhood.
    (6) Power to be a member of a Godhead bestowed.
    (7) Sealed to eternal life, if not done previously.
    (8) Power to have the heavens opened.
    (9) Other blessings as inspired to give.
  9. The wife is then anointed with oil, on the top of her head, and then hands are laid upon her head, and she is ordained a queen and a priestess unto her husband, to rule and reign with him, in his kingdom forever.
  10. The wife is blessed with the following (as the spirit dictates):
    (1) Receive all the blessings of the everlasting priesthood.
    (2) An heir to all the blessings that are sealed upon her husband.
    (3) Exalted to her husband's exaltation.
    (4) Ministering angels may attend her.
    (5) Sealed up unto eternal life.
    (6) Receive the blessings of Godhood.
    (7) May attain unto the eternal Godhead.
    (8) Live as long as life is desirable.
    (9) Power of eternal lives (posterity w/o end).
    (10) Other blessings as inspired to give.
  11. The couple receives a "charge" as a part of the second anointing. Part of the covenant involved in this charge is that they do not reveal to other individuals that they have received this ordinance.
  12. This ordinance can be performed for the dead, by those who have already received the ordinance.
  13. The second part of the second anointings is explained to the couple. They are told to attend to this last ordinance.

III. The Ordninance of Second Anointings

Part Two: "The Washing of The Feet", Wife to Husband

  1. This ordinance is performed in the couple's home.
  2. The husband dedicates the home, and a room in which they will perform the ordinance.
  3. The ordinance follows the pattern of when Mary anointed Jesus, in Matthew 12. What the wife does here is in memorial of what Mary did.
  4. The wife washes the body of her husband (similar to initiatory).
  5. The wife anoints the body of her husband (similar to initiatory).
  6. The ordinance prepares the husband for burial, and in this way she lays claim upon him in the resurrection.
  7. Having authority, she can pronounce whatever blessings she feels appropriate upon her husband in this ordinance, as guided by the spirit.
  8. This ordinance is not performed in behalf of the dead.
Second Anointing Blessings

Second anointing blessing given to HEBER C. KIMBALL, Brigham Young officiating; Evan Melbourne Green, Clerk; Recorded by C. W. Wandell Smith; Received 8 January 1846.

President Brigham Young as president of the whole church anointed brother Heber C. Kimball first, this being according to the order in which the ordinances of the Lord's House are at all times first communicated to the children of men that he who holds the Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven to minis-ter to men on earth as President Brigham Young now does, should confer the ordinances upon some faithful man who should in turn minister to him according to the pattern of heavenly beings.
This is the order observed by the Prophet Joseph, he first baptized Oliver, then Oliver baptised him.

Entry No. 1. Jan. 8th 1846.
6. o. clock eve. Pres. Brigham Young, Heber Chase Kimble, Parley Parker Pratt, Orson Pratt, John Taylor, Amasa Lyman, Newell Kimble Whitney, Vilate Kimble, Elizabeth Ann Whitney, Sarah Marinda Pratt, & Leonora Taylor --- Assembled in Pres. B. Young's Room No. 1. Dressed themselves [in] Holy Robes. The hymn now let us rejoice in the Day of Salvation, was sung and Elder Heber C. Kimble offered Prayer at the Alter after offering up the Signs of the Priesthood. Pres. Brigham Young proceeded to anoint Br. Heber C. Kimble and Vilate his wife --- and pronounced the following blessing namely Bro Heber C. Kimble in the name of Jesus Christ we pour upon thy head this Holy oil & we anoint thee a King and Priest unto the most High God & in & over the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints and also Iseral in this the Holy Temple of the Lord, at Nauvoo the City of Joseph State of Ills. & I seal upon you power to bind on Earth & it Shall be bound in Heaven & whomso-ever thou Shalt loose on Earth shall be loosed in Heaven, & whomsoever thou shalt curse Shalt be cursed, & whomsoever thou shalt bless, shall be blessed & I anoint thy head that it may be sound & thy brains shall be quick to think & to regulate thy whole body. & thine ears to hear the cries of the Poor & needy of thy Brethren, who shall come to thee for council & thine eyes that thou mayest see and understand the things of God--& that thou mayest behold Angels & thy mouth that thou mayest speak forth the great things of God & Seal upon you all the blessings of thy Progenitors Even Abraham Isaac & Jacob & even as Far back as the Priesthood: & I say that thou shalt live to a good old age Even to three score & ten & longer if thou desire it -- & thou shalt have Power to redeem thy progenitors & thou shalt have power over thy Posterity & shall Save all of them & bring them into thy Kingdom we also seal upon thee all the power & blessing of the Holy Reserection Even to the Eternal God head & no blessing that thy heart can conceive will be withheld from you & in the name of the Father & of the Son & of the Holy Spirit Amen--

He then anointed Sister Vilate Kimble a queen and Priestess unto her Husband [H. C. Kimball] in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints & in Iseral. & pronounced all the blessings upon her head in common with her husband.

/s/ John D. Lee

Second anointing blessing given to BRIGHAM YOUNG, Heber C. Kimball officiating; Evan Melbourne Green, Clerk; Recorded by C. W. Wandell Smith; Received 11 January 1846.

[Entry] No. 2.
Sunday Jan 11th 1846. 31 minutes to 7 P.M. Assembled in Pres. Brigham Young's Room No. 1. in the atic Story of the Lords House. Pres. B. Young Heber C. Kimble, Orson Hyde, P.P.Pratt, Orson Pratt, Williard Richards, John Taylor, Amasa Lyman, N.K. Whitney, Geo. Miller Edmund--Ellsworth, Mary Young Vilate Kimble Leonora Taylor, Elizabeth An Whitney & Elizabeth Ellsworth. Bro. J. Taylor started the hymn This Earth was once a garden place all being clothed in Priestly garments [robes]--Pres. B. Young Prayed. all having nelted [knelt] a round the Alter--previous to prare [prayer] they all arose - sang a Hymn & offered up the signs of the Holy Priesthood - then Br Heber C. Kimball proceeded to anoint and consecrate Pres. Brigham Young a King & a Priest unto the most High God over the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints & over the whole House of Iseral--

Brother Brigham Young, I pour this holy, consecrated oil, upon your head, and anoint thee a King and a Priest of the Most High God over the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and unto all Israel: and I anoint thy head, that thy brain may be healthy and active and quick to think and to understand and to direct thy whole body and I anoint thy eyes that they may see and perceive, and that thou mayest not be deceived in what thou beholdest, and that thy sight may never fail thee: and I anoint thy ears that they may be quick to hear and communicate to thy understanding; and that thou mayest hear the secret deliberations of thy enemies, and thereby thou shalt be enabled to overreach their designs: and I anoint thy nose that thou may scent, and relish the fragrance of the good things of the earth: and I anoint thy mouth that thou mayest be enabled to speak the great things of God, and confound all the wisdom of man, and put to nought all who shall raise up to oppose thee, in all countries where thou goest for thou shalt build up the Kingdom of God among many people, and in the midst of mighty nations; so thy glory shall be estab-lished, and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth, shall be bound in heaven, and whomsoever thou shalt loose on earth, shall be loosed in heaven; for there shall be given unto thee crowns, and kingdoms, and dominions; and thou shalt receive all thy heart shall desire; and thy soul shall be satisfied with a multitude of blessings which thou shalt receive; for princes shall bow at thy feet and deliver unto thee their treasures; and thou shalt teach them the principles of salvation. And I seal thee up unto Eternal Life, that thou shalt come forth in the morn of the first resurrection, and receive all these blessings, in their fulness. And thou shalt attain unto [the] Eternal Godhead, and receive a fulness of joy, and glory, and power; and that thou mayest do all things whatsoever is wisdom that thou shouldest do, even if it be to create worlds and redeem them: so shall thy joy be full to the praise and glory of God: Amen.

Elder Heber Chase Kimbal then anointed MARY AN YOUNG a Queen & Priestess unto her husband [Brigham Young] in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints & in the house of Iseral--

Sister Mary Ann Young, I pour upon thy head this holy, consecrated oil, and seal upon thee all the blessings of the everlasting priesthood, in con-junction with thy husband: and I anoint thee to be a Queen and Priestess unto thy husband, over the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints; and thou shalt be heir to all the blessings which are sealed upon him, inasmuch as thou dost obey his counsel; and thou shalt receive glory, honor, power and exalta-tion in his exaltation: and thou shalt be a strength in thy mind for thou shalt have visions, and manifestations of the Holy Spirit, and the time shall come that Angels shall visit thee, and minister unto thee, and teach thee: and in absence of thy husband shall comfort thee, and make known his situation.
Thou shalt be a wise counsellor to many of thy sex, and thy shall look unto thee for precept and for example.
Thou shalt be noted and honored for thy generosity, and the freedom and good feelings with which thou shalt relieve the wants of the distressed; and the disgression [discretion] with which thou shalt act in thy sphere [p. 5] in all things. And I seal thee up unto Eternal Life, thou shalt come forth in the morning of the first resurrection and inherit with him all the honors, glories, and power of Eternal Lives, and that thou shalt attain unto the eternal Godhead, so thy exaltation shall be perfect, and thy glory be full, in a fulness of power and exaltation.
And the glory, honor and power shall be ascribed unto the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, Amen.

Second anointing blessing given to NEWEL K WHITNEY, and his wife, ELIZABETH ANN WHITNEY; Received 12 January 1846.

[Entry] No. 3. Jan. 12th 1846. at 12. o. clock. Assembled in Room No. 1. Pres Brigham Young, Heber C Kimble, P.P.Pratt, Amasa Lyman, John Taylor, Geo Miller, Isaac Morly, Orson Spencer, Ezra T Benson, Newell K Whitney--after the usual ceremony pre-requisite to the ordinance of anointing--Pres Brigham Young anointed Newell Kimble Whitney a King & a Priest unto the Most [High] God--in the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints & in the House of Iseral & among thy Brethren in this the House of the Lord Elizabeth An Whitney was then anointed a Queen & Priestess unto her Husband N.K. Whitney, in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints & to all Iseral-

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